PICK (2019) | Narrative Short
A young girl wears her afro to school on picture day and must deal with the unexpected consequences.

PART I of the HAIR IS trilogy, a series of short films exploring the personal and
political intersections of black hair, identity, and freedom.

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Urbanworld, New York, 2019
Vancouver International Film Festival (Upcoming) - Oct 2 & 9

Bushwick Film Festival (Upcoming) - Oct 5, NY

Festival du noveau cinéma (Upcoming) - Oct 13 & 17, Montreal

Reel Sisters of the Diaspora (Upcoming) - Oct 19, NY

+ a sugar glass vision +

Writer, Director, Producer: Alicia K. Harris
Producers: Rebeca Ortiz, Venessa Harris
Cinematographer: Ann Tipper
Production Designer: Tess Sorochan Ruland
Costume Designer: Lori Atik
Editor: Kathryn Lyons
Sound Designer: Amanda Ann-Min Wong
Hair & Make Up Artist: Nehnika Williams